How to Harness Loneliness This Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it Valentine’s is either a day you celebrate the love in your life – or it’s the day you want to kill all those people celebrating the love in their lives.

Okay maybe not (or ya, you really do).

But here’s the thing – all that frustration and loneliness can actually HELP you find love. When harnessed properly, loneliness can drive you to find love.

I’m not dumb, though, I know loneliness can have a debilitating side, too, primarily when loneliness + a lack of knowledge = helplessness.

But that’s the great thing! If you knew what to do and when to do it you can create action in your life, momentum, empowerment and confidence! All things that can drive you to find love.

Now my approach to dating is very unexpected. My professional background is in marketing, and businesses use marketing to build their plans of action – the very plans that help them to attract AND keep customers. It’s these same MARKETING principles that can help you build your plan of action and find love.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Branding – What you have to offer the dating marketplace

So often in dating people want to start by getting themselves “out there.” But if you’re feeling lonely and desperate for love and try to start dating, that’s akin to grocery shopping hungry. I know when I do that I make BAD decisions and end up with a cart full of Cheetos and Gatorade. The same thing happens in your personal life – you date desperate, you make bad dating decisions.

Businesses really work on their products BEFORE they bring them to market. They research, plan and build. They get confident in what they’re offering and you need to too!

Spend some time reviewing your awesomeness and the great things about yourself. Give yourself credit for what you’re doing well. Work on those areas of weakness and start to see yourself as someone with amazing things to offer.

2. Targeting – What you REALLY need in a partner

Have you ever built a list of what you want, need, and deserve in a partner? If so, I want you to throw it away.

Too often people build their lists from places of defensiveness and entitlement. Subsequently their lists become fortresses that keep others out and far away from your heart.

Instead of a long list of unattainable features and attributes, I want you to identify your 5 Core Needs. Anything more than this you start getting defensive (and picky) anything less, you’re acting depserate.

You know what you need, so boil it down to those core five attributes.

3. Advertising – Where to go to find who you’re looking for

In business, advertising is where the money gets spent. So you better believe a business isn’t going to advertise where their audience isn’t and you shouldn’t either.

If you find yourself in social ruts, doing the same things every weekend with the same friends meeting the same kind of people – you’re wasting your time.

Think about your target audience. Where are they likely to be? What are their hobbies, interests, passions. Where would they be spending time? Now go be THERE!

Yes, you may have to ditch your friends for a while but at least you’ll have someone to show for it!

This Valentine’s Day, when the loneliness comes knocking on your heart – instead of wallowing, empower yourself by building your personal plan of action. I promise you’ll feel more confident and hopeful about the possibilities of love waiting for you!

Next Steps
Do you want more Marketing tips and tricks? Join me for my special Valentine’s week webinar when I go deep on building your plan for finding love!