Dating On Tinder

Ah Tinder – the dating app for those of who have no real time to meet people. Now you can find love (or just a hottie) in those 30 seconds before a meeting starts, while you’re commuting to work, or if you’re bored in class. Just swipe left or right depending on if that face looking back at you gives you that “loving feeling” and you’re on your way.

But just like any route to market in the dating world, there are nuances to using this one productively, and naturally I’ve got a few ideas for you:

  • Represent Yourself ACCURATELY – Attention is nice, but if you’re false advertising, you’re not really serious about finding love. We all have insecurities about how we look, but if you’re not being upfront with what you’ve got, you’re just setting yourself and your interested parties up for some frustration and potential heart break. Take recent photos looking your best, and please keep your clothes on. Sex may sell, but if you’re looking for love, keep your clothes on.
  • Own the Finding – A lot of people (especially women) get frustrated by the trolls who approach them on apps or dating sites. I tell them, online and app dating are a lot like going to a really crowded party – you can’t just show up and expect love to find you – you need to put in some effort into the search. Especially on Tinder, that means you also have to look beyond the face / shirtless body to the person and hopefully their profile. Swipe for people you believe could be real connections, not just a hot bod.
  • Communicate with a Purpose – Getting messaged or even a text can be fun and flattering, but life isn’t real when it’s lived virtually. Love isn’t either. Don’t waste your time with a lot of back and forth messaging and texts. Surprisingly doing so doesn’t get you any closer to your goal. Instead, you have to get to real life as quickly (and as safely) as you can. I have a 5 step communication process to get you there:
    1. Message about a shared interest
    2. Continue discussion or ask about another shared connection
    3. Request a phone call / web chat
    4. Have the chat and gauge interest
    5. If the phone call goes well, set up an in-person, in-public meeting.

Bottom line with Tinder, it’s just another route to market, and like any personal advertising medium, it requires a strategy to help you find what you’re looking for. So remember, own your personal brand, get clear on who you’re looking for, and don’t be afraid to walk away if your target audience isn’t found via this trendy new tool.

I’d love to hear what you think of Tinder. Do you use Tinder as part of your dating repertoire? How’s it working for you? Have you met quality people or is more of a hook up site?