Are You Shoulding All Over Your Relationship?

A friend sat crying at my kitchen table. Her relationship was going well but her fears of getting in too deep were paralyzing her from moving forward. In desperation she was grasping for ANY signs that would indicate “right” from “wrong” so she could protect herself from getting hurt. “We shouldn’t be moving so fast…

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Product Development: Should Tall Girls Where Heels? (Yes!)

I spoke at an event last night where two lovely girls came up to me afterward with a BURNING question:“We’re both tall, but we LOVE to wear heels. We’re worried about towering over potential leads though. Should we just suck it up and wear flats?” My answer was an unequivocal “NO!” We are all products…

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A Soft Place To Land

I can very easily come across as an ice queen. For years, my corporate life demanded a woman who was as strong as (if not stronger than) the men around me. Between the politics and posturing I could feel myself becoming an icy, inaccessible version of myself. Though the corporate life is a thing of…

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