Am I Too Old to Date?


I think I’m too old and scared to date. Help! – Fear is not age-specific. – We get scared of rejection, failing relationships and experiencing pain. – We have to remember our motivation for dating in order for us to remove our pre-conceived fears. – We need to start in marketing. It’s being social and…

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A Sobering Reminder

My husband, Mark, and his Dad were driving home last night from New Mexico and came upon an accident 30 seconds after it happened. It was a head on collision between a car and van. The car had just rolled down a ravine and exploded in fire. Knowing there was nothing they could do to help those in…

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5 Dating Habits Keeping You Single

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She laughs funny. He likes hanging out with his family too much. Her vocabulary isn’t the best. He could use more exercise. These are all recent “reasons” some of my clients have quit pursuing people lately. As a dating coach I’ve told my clients I have three jobs to do: Teach you new tools and practices…

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Are You Too Busy For Love?

How do I make time for dating? – Re-align your priorities. You need to prioritize finding love in order for you to put importance in dating. – Identify your motivation in dating. – Once you identify your motivations and re-align your priorities, you will be able to find time to date.  

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If You Want to Move The Product – Advertise!

I've been saying this phrase since I was 14.

When I was 14 I was at a dance with friends and in classic teenage girl fashion we traveled in packs and mostly kept to the walls of the room or would spend hours in the bathroom chatting about boys. After a few months of “dancing” this way, I noticed we weren’t dancing much nor…

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How do I let someone down easy?

  I got some great responses to my request in my last post. Here’s an answer to one of those questions:   How do I let someone down easy? Don’t avoid the person. Don’t lie. Don’t give them a reason why you don’t want to see them again. It’s important to be polite. Validate their…

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Pssst…. I’m a FRAUD

Pretty sure I'm throwing gang signs...

I was called a “Relationship Expert” the other day and I full-on cringed at the title. Let’s see, I’ve been married a whole 2 years (been together over 3), I’ve dated who knows how many guys and was likely a royal freak-fest in all those relationships. Lots of great experience there… So when I get…

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Are you… Creepy?


This week I got this awesomely creeptastic question: “I feel awkward showing interest in someone. I’m worried they’d think that I’m too aggressive and too creepy. What should I do?” In this podcast we’ll discuss: – You have to own your own insecurities. It’s not up to you to decide for the other person on…

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What NOT to do when starting to date again

KSL Interview

Last week I got to be on TV and had a blast doing it. The problem is, those segments are 5 minutes long and you can’t really get into detail with things. So, watch this quick clip and then get the details below. Here are a few business-based DON’Ts for starting over in dating: 1.…

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What do you do after the third date?


The first three dates are the polite phase for getting to know someone, but aren’t enough to know if you want to be in an exclusive committed relationship. I recommend you go on 3-5 more dates to qualify someone for a relationship with you. During this qualifying phase you should ask yourself the following questions:…

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